Students and youth

Information and advice that can help you make informed and responsible decisions to keep you safe and make the most of your stay outside Canada.


Services and information

Before you go

Travel Advice and Advisories

Consult our destination-specific travel information and advice to be well-prepared for your trip

Registration of Canadians Abroad

Sign up for notifications in case of an emergency abroad or a personal one at home

Health and safety outside Canada

Know the health and safety risks of travelling outside Canada and how to protect yourself while you travel

Travel insurance

Get travel insurance if you travel outside Canada no matter where you're going or how long you'll be there

Living abroad

Find out how to prepare to study, work or volunteer in another country


Learn about the documents you may need to avoid any issues upon arrival and during your stay

Drugs, alcohol and travel

Access information and advice to help you understand and avoid the risks related to alcohol, drugs and travel

Get cyber safe

Learn how to stay safe online, wherever you are

Using data plans outside Canada

Avoid expensive roaming fees when you use your Canadian cellphone, mobile device, or computer abroad

Consent letter for children travelling outside Canada

Find out if you need a consent letter to travel outside Canada

While you’re away

Travel Advice and Advisories

Stay up to date on the security situation as you travel with our destination-specific information

Health and safety outside Canada

Learn about what to do to protect yourself as you travel

Drugs, alcohol and travel

Learn how to party safely while abroad

Culture shock

Learn to recognize the signs of culture shock and how to cope

Returning to Canada

Information on returning to Canada, border wait times, customs and immigration

Advice for different types of travellers


Consult our advice on the challenges women can face when travelling outside Canada

2SLGBTQI+ travellers

Learn about your destination country's laws and customs before you travel

Travellers with disabilities

Read our advice to help make travelling with disabilities as easy and safe as possible

Dual citizens

Understand how being a dual citizen could impact your travels

If you need help

About consular services

Find out what we can and cannot do to help if you need assistance during your travels

Arrest and detention outside Canada

Know what to expect and do if you are arrested or detained while outside Canada

Forced marriage

What to do if you or someone you know might be forced into marriage

Conversion therapy

Know what to do if you or someone you know is taken outside Canada for conversion therapy

Contact us

If you need emergency help, contact us to tell us about the situation and get more details on how we can help you


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