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You should understand the requirements and impacts of travelling or living outside Canada while holding citizenship of another country or countries even when your Canadian citizenship is recognized.

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Canadians with dual citizenship

Canada allows you to have multiple citizenships while keeping your Canadian citizenship. However, not all countries do allow this. Some countries may even consider it illegal for you to have another citizenship.

Examples of ways you might have another citizenship(s):

Note: You may not even be aware that you have citizenship in another country. For example, even if you’re born in Canada, if you have at least 1 parent who is a citizen of another country, that country may see you as a citizen as well and may not recognize your Canadian citizenship.

Having dual citizenship can also impact other aspects of your personal situation. For instance:

Before you go

Before leaving Canada to travel to another country where you also hold citizenship: 

It’s important that you find out if you have other citizenships if you’re planning to travel outside of Canada. You may be required to follow certain regulations or face restrictions if you hold citizenship there.

While you’re away

If you hold citizenship in another country, different entry and exit rules may apply to you, even if your Canadian citizenship is recognized there. These requirements may not necessarily apply to other Canadian travellers without dual citizenship. 

Some examples of laws and regulations you may encounter when travelling to or living in a country where you hold citizenship:

Consider the possible laws and regulations when travelling to other countries where you do not hold citizenship. For example:

If your Canadian citizenship is not recognized

Limited or no access to Canadian consular services

Based on the country's laws, local authorities could be within their right to prevent Canadian consular officials from assisting you in a consular emergency. Local authorities may refuse your request to access Canadian consular services.

Renouncing your citizenship

You may be forced to give up your Canadian citizenship or be required to renounce your other citizenship.

Learn more about giving up your Canadian citizenship.

If you need help

For help with emergencies outside Canada, contact the:

Returning to Canada

If you are a Canadian with dual citizenship, you need to carry a valid Canadian passport to return to Canada by air.

This applies even if:

More information about why you need a valid Canadian passport.

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