Travel documents

Know which documents you need and where to get them to make your travel quick and easy.



Identification documents

Canadian passports

A passport is the only reliable and universally accepted travel identification document and it proves that you have a right to return to Canada 

Canadian Travel Number

Avoid delays at the airport because your name is the same as, or similar to, that of someone on the No Fly List (Secure Air Travel Act list)


If you travel between Canada and the United States often, a NEXUS card will save you time at the border

Permanent resident card

Permanent residents of Canada need a permanent resident card to re-enter Canada

Pre-boarding identification requirements

Information on the identification documents you need to bring to the airport

Travel documents for non-Canadians

Travel documents for convention refugees, protected persons or stateless persons living in Canada

Permits and certificates


Find out whether you need a visa for your destination and get it well in advance of your trip

Certificate of Canadian citizenship

A Canadian citizenship certificate is not a valid travel document

CITES permits

Information on permits to transport, import or export a listed wildlife species or items made from listed wildlife species

International Driving Permit

Your Canadian driver's licence may not be valid in your destination country

Travelling outside Canada with your vehicle

You may need a Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) to travel outside Canada with your vehicle.

International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis

Some countries may require you to show proof of vaccination  


Your pets need travel documents to enter another country

CANPASS - Private aircraft

CANPASS cards allow private aircraft to clear customs and immigration quickly and securely

More information

Consent letter for children travelling abroad

A consent letter helps children travelling without both parents to enter foreign countries and re-enter Canada

Marriage outside Canada

Information on the legal issues involved in getting married abroad 

Notarial services

Information about getting notarial services while you are outside Canada

Travelling as a dual citizen

Information for Canadian dual citizens who are travelling to another country where they have citizenship

Travel insurance

Buy travel insurance before you travel outside Canada. Bring your insurance information with you. You may need to prove you have travel insurance to enter some countries

Mobile Passport Control app

Travellers can shorten the entry process to the U.S. by submitting their passport and customs declaration information through this app


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