International Driving Permit

If you have a driver’s licence, you can apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in another country without having to take tests or submit other applications. Countries that signed the 1949 Convention on Road Traffic, and some others, accept IDPs.

Check with your destination’s embassy or consulate in Canada or look under the Laws and culture tab of the Travel Advice and Advisory for your destination to find out if an IDP is required there. 

Canadians with a provincial or territorial driver’s licence do not need an IDP to drive in the U.S.

How to apply for an IDP

Contact the Canadian Automobile Association for a Canadian International Driving Permit application form.

Some foreign car rental agencies may require you to have an IDP to rent a car. Your IDP will only allow you to operate a vehicle in the same class as your Canadian driver’s licence. For example, you cannot use an IDP to ride a motorbike if you are only licensed to drive automobiles. Your travel insurance may not cover an accident if you were driving a vehicle without the proper licence.

The IDP is valid for only 1 year from the date of issue.

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