Pre-boarding identification requirements

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Bring the right identification to the airport to help with a quick identity verification and check-in process.

Remember that the name on your identification must match the name on your airline ticket and boarding pass.

Domestic air travel

If you have Canadian identification

Bring one identification document issued by a Canadian federal, provincial or territorial government that includes your:

If you don’t have an identification document that includes your photo, full name and date of birth:

Valid identification documents issued by a Canadian government include:

Travel documents
Citizenship and immigration documents
Provincial or territorial documents
Other valid documents

You can't use hunting, boating and fishing licences as identification for domestic flights.

If you don’t have Canadian identification

You can use a travel document you used to enter Canada:

International air travel

Air Canada has introduced digital identification technology through the Air Canada mobile app. Select travellers from Vancouver International Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport are eligible.

Learn more about the digital identification system. (

Bring one valid identification document issued by a government authority with your:

Valid identification documents include:

Canadian citizens should always carry a valid Canadian passport when travelling outside Canada.

More information about travel documents

Canadian travel number

If your name is the same, or similar, to that of someone on the Secure Air Travel Act list (sometimes called Canada’s “No Fly List”), you could save time by applying for a Canadian Travel Number (CTN).

More information about the CTN

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