Advice for different types of travellers

Travel is different for everyone. Who you are and where you’re going make a difference. Find information about how your specific situation and destination can affect your travel experience.


Dual citizen travellers

Find information for Canadian dual citizens travelling or living outside Canada

Student and youth travellers

Find information for students and youth travelling outside Canada

Women travellers

Learn about legal, cultural, security, health and social considerations for women travellers

Pregnant travellers

Find health information about travelling abroad while you are pregnant

2SLGBTQI+ travellers

Find information on the laws and customs in other countries that can affect 2SLGBTQI+ travellers

Travellers with children

Everything you need to know to travel safely with children abroad

Older travellers

Find health, transportation and climate information when you’re travelling outside Canada

Travellers with disabilities

Learn about going through security screening at airports and travelling with syringes and medical devices

Media worker travellers

Find information on media accreditations and permits, security considerations and using recording and communications equipment outside Canada

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