Travelling with children can be a challenge in many ways. Here is useful information you should know before you leave the country with children, as well as material on international adoption and a sample consent letter for children who are travelling without their legal guardian.


Birth abroad

Information to help you register the birth and confirm the citizenship of your child if you have given birth abroad.

Child welfare, abduction and custody issues

Your Canadian child custody arrangements may not be recognized in another country. What to do if your child is missing and may have been abducted.

Children and travel

Information on precautions to take when travelling with children or when a child is travelling alone.

International adoption

Information on the international adoption process and related health issues.

Recommended consent letter for children travelling abroad

A consent letter will facilitate entry into a foreign country and re-entry into Canada for children travelling without both parents.

Spring break

Planning to go south for Spring Break? Here are some tips to make your trip more enjoyable. 

Taking children on a plane

A little extra planning can make your flight a peaceful and pleasant experience for you, your children and other travellers. 

Taking small children through security screening

Dos and don'ts to help you and your children breeze through airport security screening. 

Tips for healthy travel with children

Children have different travel health needs than adults. These tips will help you to protect your children and help them have a safe and healthy trip abroad.

What we are doing

Consent letter

Information on a recommended consent letter for Canadian children travelling abroad.

Stay connected

Stay connected to Canada wherever you are through our various smart travel tools and social network streams.

Travel health kit

Basic first aid supplies and medication that will help you to handle minor injuries and illnesses as you travel.

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