Children and travel

Children and travel outside Canada, letters of consent for children to travel without a parent, adopting a child from a foreign country and how a child born outside Canada can obtain Canadian citizenship. 


Services and information

Children born outside Canada

How to confirm the citizenship of your child born abroad

International child abduction and parenting or custody issues 

An international child abduction occurs when a child’s parent or legal guardian wrongfully takes the child from Canada or keeps them in another country

Travel documents for children

Documents needed by children travelling outside Canada, including the consent letter for children travelling without both parents

International adoption

Information on the international adoption process and related health issues

Recommended consent letter for children travelling abroad

A consent letter will facilitate entry into a foreign country and re-entry into Canada for children travelling without both parents

Air travel with children

Travelling on a plane with children under 2 years of age, child seats and children travelling alone


Forced marriage

It is a crime to take anyone who is under 16 out of Canada for the purpose of a marriage in another country, even if the person wants to get married

Tips for healthy travel with children

How to protect your children and help them have a safe and healthy trip abroad

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