Travel health information

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make informed choices about where you go and what you do there by being informed and prepared for issues that may come up when you travel outside Canada.


Services and information

Travel advice and advisories

Find health information and advice on your destination

Travel insurance

Learn about travel insurance, no matter where you’re going or how long you’ll be there

Travel health notices

Find travel health notices on issues affecting countries and region

Travel health kit

Learn how to prepare a basic travel health kit for anywhere you may go


Check what vaccinations are recommended or required for your destination 

Travel health clinics

Get advice on visiting a clinic or your health care provider 6 weeks before you travel

Travelling with medication

Learn about travelling outside Canada with prescription or over-the-counter medication

Travelling with syringes and medical devices

Learn about going through security screening at airports and travelling with syringes and medical devices

Travelling to receive medical care outside Canada

Learn about “medical tourism”—travelling to another country to receive medical care

Eating and drinking safely

Learn about precautions you can take with food and water to avoid getting sick while you are outside Canada

Travel-related diseases

Find information about diseases you may encounter while you are outside Canada, along with advice on prevention, risks, symptoms and treatment    

Insect bite and pest prevention

Learn how to prevent bites from pests such as mosquitoes and  ticks, and how to prevent bedbugs when travelling

Sun and heat safety

Find tips on staying healthy when travelling to hot and sunny place

Oral rehydration

Learn how to treat diarrhea-caused dehydration with oral rehydration solution

Mass gatherings and large events

Find health information about participating in large public events

Visiting friends and relatives

Learn how to protect your health while visiting friends and relatives in a foreign country

If you become sick or injured while travelling outside Canada or after your return

What to do if you are sick when or after you return to Canada

Forced marriage

What to do if you or someone you know might be forced into marriage

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