Help for Canadians outside Canada Help for Canadians outside Canada

As you have seen in previous sections, the Government of Canada offers Canadian citizens information and advice on safe travel to help them make informed decisions as they plan their trip.

Unfortunately, even with the best of plans, there may come a time when your client is faced with a situation when they will need help while they are outside Canada.

Depending on the situation, the best option is to get help from local authorities or from their travel insurance company.

When Canadians need help to resolve problems they may encounter while travelling, such as a car accident, passport theft, arrest, illness or an evacuation on short notice because of world health issues, local civil unrest or a natural disaster, they can count on the help of our dedicated staff of consular officers.

A - Consular services

Learn about what is and isn't considered a consular service.

Time to complete: about 1 minute

  This lesson includes

1 section
  1. Consular services

B - Services at Government of Canada offices outside Canada

Learn about the help Canadian consular services officials can offer, and about limitations on that help.

Time to complete: about 4 minutes

  This lesson includes

3 sections
  1. Canada's consular services
  2. Types of offices
  3. Large-scale emergencies abroad

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