Safe Travel Planner
An online training course for travel counsellors, students and educators that provides the resources and tools they need to plan safe and responsible travel outside Canada.

1- What is the Safe Travel Planner?

Introduction and instructions on how to complete the Safe Travel Planner

1 video

2- Preparing to Travel

Learn about the Government of Canada's website for Canadians travelling or living outside Canada and the services available to them

5 lessons   20 minutes total

3- Travel Health and Safety

Find essential information on travel health and safety risks and how to prevent them

5 lessons   11 minutes total

4- Help for Canadians outside Canada

Find out about consular services and the types of assistance available to Canadians outside Canada

2 lessons   5 minutes total

5- How to reach us and stay connected

Know when, where and who to contact for help from inside or outside Canada

2 lessons   4 minutes total

6- Return to Canada

Learn about export laws in foreign countries and border measures and requirements for entering Canada

2 lessons   5 minutes total

7- Resources

Explore additional resources to keep Canadian travellers informed and safe

1 lessons   3 minutes total

8- Certification assessment

What did I learn? Test your knowledge on safe travel by completing the certification assessment

20 minutes total

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