Consular Services

Assisting Canadian travellers

Assisting Canadian travellers

Image of globeCanada is a nation of international travellers.

Canadians love to travel, and most trips abroad go off without a hitch. However, problems, such as accidents, illness, legal troubles and linguistic and cultural difficulties, do occur. Many of these problems can be avoided with a little preparation before the trip.

Consular Services can help Canadians by:
  • Providing them with up-to-date information BEFORE they leave Canada.
  • Assisting them if they encounter problems while abroad.

For accurate and timely travel-related information, consult

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Our services

Our services

Image of world with displaying Government of Canada officesThe Government of Canada has approximately 260 offices worldwide.

Canadian government offices worldwide

“Consular services” are the services a country provides to its citizens abroad. The Government of Canada has approximately 260 offices worldwide, where consular officials are committed to assisting Canadians travelling and living abroad. Consular officials will help your clients resolve problems they may encounter while travelling, such as a car accident, passport theft, arrest, illness or an evacuation on short notice because of civil unrest or a natural disaster.

Consular officials are capable of assisting Canadians 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They use advanced information technologies to monitor international developments, alert Canadians to trouble and connect them directly to advice and assistance.

As a travel counsellor, you should inform your clients about the assistance they can obtain from Canadian embassies and consulates if something goes wrong.

Consular services for Canadians abroad

While most problems will be minor, your clients will sometimes run into serious difficulty while travelling abroad. Remember, Canadian government offices abroad are there to help.

It is important to know which services we do and do not provide.  Also, not all Canadian government offices abroad provide the same services.

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About Consular Services


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