Travel documents for children

Canadian children need a Canadian passport when travelling outside Canada.

They may also need the following documents:

  • Consent letter that confirms the child has permission to travel outside Canada (for example, when taking a trip alone or with only 1 parent or guardian)
  • Provincial birth certificate

If your child needs a Canadian citizenship certificate to get a Canadian passport, you must apply for proof of citizenship.

Other legal documents may be needed depending on family circumstances, including:

  • Divorce papers
  • Child custody orders or agreements
  • Death certificate of a parent or parents

A child travelling as a dual citizen will need a valid Canadian passport to board a flight to or transiting through Canada by air.

The definition of a minor changes from province to province and from country to country.

Before you leave, check the foreign diplomatic mission or consulate in Canada and the Travel Advice and Advisories for your destination for any specific entry or exit requirements for minors and other laws and regulations that affect children.

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