International adoption

Find out how to become recognized as the legal and permanent parent of a child from another country. In Canada, international adoptions include both an adoption process and an immigration or citizenship process.

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The international adoption process

To adopt a child from a foreign country, you must meet both of the following requirements: 

Find out if you’re eligible to adopt a child outside Canada

To find out if you can adopt a child from another country, contact both the:

Note that not all countries allow international adoptions.  

The immigration or citizenship process

Before you can bring your adopted child to Canada, you must apply and obtain one of the following on their behalf: 

Learn more about how to bring your child to Canada through immigration or citizenship

International adoptions by Canadian citizens living outside Canada

If you live outside Canada and would like to adopt a child, you should contact the adoption authority of the country where you live to understand their adoption requirements.  

The nearest Canadian office may be able to help with the process.

For example, Canadian officials abroad can: 

Find the contact information and locations for Canadian offices abroad.

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