Dual citizenship (or dual nationality)

Dual citizenship, or dual nationality, means that a person is the citizen of more than one country. In some cases, you may not be aware that you have dual citizenship.

A second citizenship may result from:

While having dual citizenship is legal in Canada, it may not be legal in the country of your second nationality, which could result in serious difficulties. You may have outstanding obligations in the second country, such as military service or taxes. Dual citizenship can also cause problems in a third country if there is confusion over which citizenship you used to gain entry. Contact the appropriate foreign government office in Canada to confirm your status and address these issues before you go abroad. Country-specific information is also included in our Country travel advice and advisories.

Always travel as a Canadian citizen and use your Canadian passport. Not doing so could seriously limit the ability of the Government of Canada to assist you if you have problems.

A Certificate of Canadian Citizenship is not a travel document and you cannot use it instead of a Canadian passport to travel abroad or return to Canada. See Certificate of Canadian Citizenship for further details.

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