Emergency information

Natural disasters, illness, accidents and lost passports can all cause major problems for international travellers. Here are the information and resources you need to help you to manage emergency or crisis situations that may arise when you are abroad.


About consular services

Information on the range of consular services offered to Canadians abroad by Canadian government offices around the world.

Arrest and detention

What to do and how your consular officials can assist you if you are arrested or detained abroad.

Request emergency assistance

Contact information for Canadians requiring emergency consular assistance.


Child welfare, abduction and custody issues

Information on international child abduction and custody issues.

Death abroad

How to report the death of a Canadian citizen abroad and how to repatriate his or her remains.


Information on when the Government of Canada will help to evacuate Canadian citizens from a foreign country and your responsibilities if you must be evacuated.


Financial assistance

Information on obtaining emergency financial assistance from the Government of Canada


Forced marriage

Forced marriage is a human rights violation under international law. This section provides an overview of, and guidelines on, forced marriage.

Hijacking, hostage takings and kidnappings

Review the safety and security conditions of the countries you will be visiting before you travel.


Notarial services

List of notarial services offered by Canadian government offices abroad.

Lost or stolen belongings abroad

What to do if your personal belongings are lost or stolen abroad.

Lost, stolen, inaccessible, damaged or found passports

What to do if your passport is lost, stolen, inaccessible or damaged.


Missing persons

How consular officials can assist when a Canadian citizen goes missing abroad.

Natural disasters and civil emergencies

Natural disasters may affect safety, services and transportation. Make sure you know what to do.

Physical assault

Take precautions while travelling abroad.


Registration of Canadians abroad

Sign up for the Registry of Canadians Abroad service so that you can stay connected to Canada if there is an emergency at home or abroad.

Sexual assault

Sexual assault can happen anywhere in the world.

Sickness or injury

You can be the victim of an accident or have health problems anywhere in the world. Here is basic information on what to do to save your life.

What we are doing

Policies, acts and regulations



Travel insurance

Important information on travel insurance and why you shouldn’t leave the country without it.

Registration of Canadians Abroad

A free service provided by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada that keeps you connected to Canada in case of an emergency abroad or at home.

Embassies and consulates

Contact information for Canadian embassies and consulates around the world.

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