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Emergency situations: If you or someone you know needs urgent help outside Canada, please visit the request emergency assistance page.

Canada Border Services Agency

  • Entering Canada
  • What can I bring back to Canada

Canada's Passport Program

  • Canadian passports

Canada Revenue Agency

  • Canadian Taxes for Canadians travelling or living outside Canada

Health Canada

  • Prohibited and regulated consumer products
  • Cruise ship and aircraft inspection programs

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

  • What can I bring on a plane?
  • Airport security screening
  • Packing checked and carry-on luggage

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

  • Entering Canada with food, plants or animals
  • Travelling with pets

Public Health Agency of Canada

  • Travel health
  • Immunization and vaccines

Canadian Heritage

  • Cultural property
  • Heritage institutions
  • National festivals and celebrations

Public Safety Canada

  • Passenger Protect Program
  • Canadian Travel Number

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Immigrating to Canada
  • Canadian Citizenship

Transport Canada

  • What you can bring aboard a plane
  • Importing vehicles into Canada

Environment and Climate Change Canada (Canadian Wildlife Service)

  • Exotic pets
  • CITES: endangered animals and plants

Canadian Transportation Agency

  • Airline complaints
  • Accessible transportation
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