Assistance abroad

Contact information for Canadian embassies and consulates abroad, what to do and how to get help in case of emergency when you are travelling in a foreign country, and how to ask us questions and give us feedback.


Ask travel

Travelling and need answers? Try our interactive tool.

About consular services

How Canadian consular officials may be able to help you.

Embassies and consulates

Find the location of, and contact information for, Canadian embassies, high commissions and consulates abroad.

Request emergency assistance

Contact information for Canadians requiring emergency consular assistance.

Canadian Consular Services Charter

This charter outlines the consular services the Government of Canada may provide to Canadians.

Consular officers in action

Meet some of Canada’s dedicated consular officers who help thousands of Canadians travelling and living abroad each year.

Questions and feedback

Do you have a question? Or feedback? Contact us or our partners.

What we are doing

Policies, acts and regulations


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Travel insurance

Important information on travel insurance and why you shouldn’t leave the country without it.

Registration of Canadians Abroad

A free service provided by Global Affairs Canada that keeps you connected to Canada in case of an emergency abroad or at home.

Embassies and consulates

Contact information for Canadian embassies and consulates around the world.

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