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Repaying your loan

The instructions for repaying your loan are included with the invoice that you received from Global Affairs Canada. If you have not received your invoice or have not been contacted by Global Affairs Canada about your loan, please contact us for more information.

You must pay back your loan within 180 days of the invoice date. Contact us if you would like to discuss repayment options. If you do not repay the debt within 180 days or if you do not adhere to the agreed-upon repayment schedule, collections measures will be taken.

It is your responsibility to inform us if your contact information has changed since you applied for the emergency loan.

If you have declared bankruptcy, you must inform your trustee of your debt to the Government of Canada and provide the trustee with our email address and a copy of the invoice or most recent statement of account. If you need another copy of your invoice or an updated statement of account, please contact us.

If a loan recipient has died, it is important that a representative of the deceased notify us formally.

Accepted forms of payment

The online banking option is available from most Canadian banking services.

To pay with an online banking service:

Contact information

If you have any questions or need more information about repaying the loan, please contact us at:

Please remember to indicate the case number assigned to you during the loan application process.

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