Canada's Consular Strategy 

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Consular Diplomacy in Action

Conducting consular diplomacy to better serve Canadians.

The conduct of consular relations on behalf of Canada is a cornerstone of Canada’s foreign policy. Consular diplomacy means that consular officials, guided by Canadian values, serve Canadians through network building, advocacy and strategic engagement, and by keeping current on local contexts, best practices and trends in consular affairs. Global Affairs Canada is conducting consular diplomacy to better serve Canadians.

Robust Program Framework

Enabling the consular network to achieve excellence in consular service delivery.

A robust program framework means consistent performance monitoring, alignment of resources with service delivery needs and the use of the right data to inform decisions, as well as forward-looking training, policy development and guidance. In order to strive for excellence in consular service delivery, Global Affairs Canada is providing consular officials with modern tools, timely oversight and greater opportunities for continuous learning, and is seeking to ensure the safety and security of all consular officials.

Client-Focused Services

Providing consular services to best meet our clients’ needs.

Client-focused services means that Global Affairs Canada delivers relevant, accessible and bilingual consular services 24 hours a day, seven days a week as part of our mandate and within our established framework. By recognizing that each consular case is unique, we will adapt our strategic approach as necessary while taking into consideration local and personal circumstances, which may affect our clients’ needs and the help we can provide.

Active Engagement

Reaching more Canadians to increase understanding of consular services.

Active engagement means sharing accurate, timely and relevant information and safe travel advice with Canadians before, during and after travel as well as during large-scale emergencies abroad. By actively engaging with Canadians, Global Affairs Canada helps them prepare for international travel and understand how to access consular services, what to expect and how to provide feedback.

Targeted Partnerships

Developing collaborative partnerships to improve our clients’ service experience.

Global Affairs Canada creates synergies with public and private organizations in Canada and abroad. By making linkages with relevant stakeholders, Global Affairs Canada is seeking to leverage the services provided by others to be better able to connect Canadians with options for their needs before, during and after travel.

Through its renewed consular strategy, Global Affairs Canada will help contribute to the safety and security of Canadians abroad.

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