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What is measles?

Measles is a highly contagious viral disease and is one of the leading causes of deaths in children worldwide. There is a vaccine that can prevent measles infection. 

What is my risk? 

Travellers who are not vaccinated or who are not immune are at risk. Even travelling through international airports, including those in Canada, can put you at risk of exposure to measles.

How is it transmitted?     

What are the symptoms?          

Can measles be treated?    

No specific treatment exists for measles. However, severe complications can be avoided through supportive care that ensures good nutrition and adequate fluid intake. Antibiotics can also be prescribed to treat complications should they occur. People who recover from measles are immune (protected) for the rest of their lives. 

Where is measles a concern?  

Measles occurs worldwide. It is still a common disease in most parts of the world. In North, Central and South America, measles has been eliminated; however, cases are occasionally reported and are usually brought from other parts of the world. 


Consult a health care provider or visit a travel health clinic preferably six weeks before you travel.

1) Get vaccinated

Canadians are reminded to keep all vaccinations up-to-date. See the recommended routine vaccine schedule for further information.

a) Infants and Children

b) Adolescents and Adults

2)   Wash your hands frequently

3)   Practise proper cough and sneeze etiquette

4)   Monitor your health

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