Hurricane Season Travel Tips

The hurricane season extends from May 15 to November 30. Tropical depressions and storms that may develop into hurricanes occur in the North Atlantic and northeast Pacific oceans. Catastrophic storms can cause extreme damage to infrastructure, cutting off communications and access to transportation, emergency assistance, medical care, and food and water.

The ability of consular officials to assist Canadian citizens may be limited during catastrophic storms. Mexico, Central America, Caribbean islands and the east and Gulf coasts of the United States are among the most threatened areas. If you plan to travel during hurricane season, we encourage you to: 

  • Consult our Travel Advice and Advisories at least twice: while planning your trip and just before you go, to verify that it is safe to travel to your destination.
  • Purchase travel insurance and ensure your insurance allows for trip cancellation or interruption in the event of a hurricane. Learn more at
  • Ensure that detailed information is left with family or friends in Canada, including the name of the tour operator, flight details, hotel name, location and telephone number, and itinerary.
  • Ensure that emergency contact information is provided on page four of your passport and leave copies of all travel documents and insurance details with someone in Canada.
  • Sign up for the Registration of Canadians Abroad service, so that we can contact and assist you in case of an emergency abroad or at home.
  • Before you go, find the location and contact information for the Canadian embassy or consulate closest to your destination.
  • Visit Hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones and monsoons for recommendations on hurricane preparedness.
  • Obtain up-to-date weather forecasts for the region from the U.S. National Hurricane Center.
  • Monitor local news broadcasts and weather reports carefully and follow the advice of local authorities and tour operators when you are abroad.
  • Carry contact details for our Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa, which operates 24/7 and accepts collect calls (where available) from Canadians requiring emergency assistance abroad at tel.: +1 613 996 8885 (email:





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