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Traveller entry requirements

How to prepare for crossing the border into Canada


Services and information

Travel and identification documents for entering Canada

Acceptable documents, establishing your personal identity, your citizenship and other important information

Find out if you can enter Canada

Visas, Electronic Travel Authorizations and other documentation you may need to enter or transit through Canada.


Information on what you can bring back to Canada, what to declare, duties and taxes, and personal exemptions

Airport arrival kiosks and eGates

Verify your identity and make a customs declaration at Canada’s major international airports

Directory of CBSA border offices and services across Canada

List of designated CBSA offices and service locations across Canada

Examining digital devices at the Canadian border

Your cell phones, tablets, laptops and any other digital device you are carrying can be examined when you when cross the border

Reporting requirements for private boaters

Options, exceptions, consequences for failing to report and more.

Reporting requirements for non-commercial aircraft

Landing private, company-owned or charter aircraft in Canada

Advance Declaration: Save time at the border

Use Advance Declaration in ArriveCAN to submit your customs and immigration declaration before flying into Canada

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