Portable electronic devices   

When carrying your portable electronic devices such as watches, calculators, cameras, cellphones, laptop computers, camcorders, e-readers and tablets on board an aircraft, it is important to be aware of their power sources.

Lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries

You are permitted to carry personal electronic devices for your own use that are powered by lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries in your carry-on baggage. Each installed or spare battery must not exceed:

Spare batteries must be carried in your carry-on baggage.  They must be individually protected to prevent short circuiting by placing them in the original retail packaging or by insulating the terminals by taping over them or by placing each battery or cell in a separate plastic bag or protective pouch. 

With the approval of the airline, you can carry no more than two spare lithium ion batteries with a rating over 100 Wh but less than 160 Wh. 

Fuel cells

Personal electronic devices powered by fuel cells are permitted only in your carry-on baggage.

You can carry no more than two spare fuel cell cartridges. The amount of fuel in any installed or spare fuel cell or fuel cell cartridge must not exceed:

Fuel cell cartridges may only contain flammable liquids, corrosive substances, liquefied flammable gas, water reactive substances or hydrogen in metal hydride. You can install a spare cartridge, but you cannot refuel fuel cells on board the aircraft. You are not permitted to carry fuel cell refill cartridges that are not designed or intended to remain installed in a device.

Each fuel cell and fuel cell cartridge must conform to the International Electrotechnical Commission’s standard IEC PAS 622282-6-1:2006, including Amendment 1 and must be marked with a manufacturer’s certification that it conforms to the specification. The interaction between fuel cells and integrated batteries in a device must also conform to this standard. Each fuel cell cartridge must be marked with the maximum quantity and type of fuel in the cartridge. Fuel cell cartridges containing hydrogen in metal hydride must comply with the requirements of Special Provisions A162.

Fuel cells must be of a type that will not charge batteries when the portable electronic device is not in use and must be durably marked “APPROVED FOR CARRIAGE IN AIRCRAFT CABIN ONLY”. 

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