Passport - Part 3

Electronic Travel Authorization

Electronic Travel Authorization

Visa-exempt foreign nationals must have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, and Canadian permanent residents, cannot apply for an eTA.

Travellers can apply for an eTA by visiting the Apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) website.

Entry requirements for travellers arriving by land or sea have not changed.

Travellers who are stateless or who are travelling with a travel document issued to non-citizens, such as an alien passport or a refugee travel document, need to apply for a visa to visit or transit through Canada.

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Dual citizenship

Dual citizenship

Canada recognizes dual citizenship, but not all countries do.Although Canada recognizes dual citizenship, not all countries do.

Dual citizenship (or dual nationality) may be an important issue if your client is a citizen of more than one country. Canadian law permits a Canadian to have more than one nationality. However, your client’s Canadian citizenship may not be recognized in the country of his or her second citizenship, where authorities may not recognize Canada’s right to provide your client with consular assistance. This situation is especially likely if your client does not use a Canadian passport when entering the second country. Where permitted by the laws of the country in question, the Government of Canada encourages Canadians to use their Canadian passport when travelling abroad and to present themselves as Canadian citizens to foreign authorities.

A certificate of Canadian citizenship is not a travel document.

A Canadian passport is the only reliable and universally accepted travel and identification document available to Canadians for the purpose of international travel. Canadian citizens returning to Canada who present other documents such as a certificate of Canadian citizenship, birth certificate, provincial driver’s license or foreign passport may face delays or be denied boarding by airlines or other commercial carriers.

Clients who have concerns about dual citizenship should consult the consular publication Dual Citizenship: What You Need to Know.

A true story

Born in South Korea, Daniel was adopted as an infant by Canadian parents. Years later, when the family decided to visit Daniel’s birth country, they were surprised to learn that he was still considered a Korean citizen and that he was subject to national obligations such as military service. They should have inquired about Daniel’s status with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea or one of its consulates before leaving Canada.

Living abroad

Living abroad

careful preparation is the key to success.For Canadians who want to live abroad, careful preparation is the key to success.

More than two million Canadians live, work or study abroad. It is important to be prepared and to expect the unexpected while overseas. By preparing carefully in advance, your client can prevent serious and costly problems.

In almost all cases, your client must have special permission, such as a work visa or student visa to work or study in a foreign country. Permission is granted at the sole discretion of the authorities of the country in question and must be obtained before entering the country. Most countries will not grant permission to a foreigner to work or study if that person has entered the country as a tourist or on any other basis.

For thousands of other Canadians, the dream of living their retirement years in another country, perhaps with a more moderate climate, has come true. Whatever your client’s reason for wanting to retire outside of Canada, he or she must make careful preparations in advance.

For more detailed information on this subject, refer your client to our publication Living abroad – A Canadian's guide to working, studying, volunteering or retiring in a foreign country and the Living abroad section of our website.


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